We are a global Retailer for "PLUS SIZE AND CUSTOM MADE BRAS". With our brands OPTIFITBRA and Elila we offer you the best brands avilable on the gobal market. We aim to make these brands well known to the women who need them and want to transform their life.

We offer with optifitbra a revolution in the design and fit of especially plus size bras which we want to make available to all women.

For optifitbra we offer you our guarantee that if you are in any way dissatisfied with the goods that you have purchased we will exchange them or give you a full refund of the price provided the goods are returned within 28days of despatch. We would ask you to contact customer services by email or phone first to establish what is wrong or causing you concern.

Individual tailored offer :

  • Functional
  • Intelligent
  • Technology


A 3D measuring system based on the measurements taken by surgeons... Clinically proven to...


IF YOU SUFFER WITH ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS then a made-to-measure Optifit is for you!

Still not convinced?

1. Choose your bra and place your order

2. We send your Optimeasure

3. You install our 3D scanner on your smartphone and scan your breast

4. Send us your data

5. We Ship your custom made Product

About Optifit

There have been a number of studies suggesting that the wearing of bras may contribute to the discomfort and pain of the breast, as well as other symptoms.

Sales of bras have increased dramatically in the last two decades, promoted by media advertising, which brought a succession of different styles of bras blatantly advertised to achieve cleavage created by forcing the breast out of its natural position.

Due to the difference in lifestyle, the pill, sport and dietary influences, the female body has altered, often resulting in a narrower frame and larger breasts, which means the formula used to determine bra size is out-dated and inappropriate. Thus bringing about problems in support.
Research has shown that the vast majority of women are wearing incorrectly sized bras resulting in breast pain and other complications.

Optifit has been created for every woman whatever size. A radical new design, using patented wire-free technology, giving all of the lift, all of the shape – without the discomfort. Clinically proven to provide breast uplift and promote a balanced posture.
Optifit is handmade to your unique measurements. A healthier alternative to the standard bras currently available. Rather than compressing and encapsulating you with wires, boning and moulded cups, Optifit will elevate your breast, naturally, without pressure or distortion.

About our New Jersey Manufacturer

They've got nothing to hide

Created in 2004, Elila designs each piece in its full figure intimate apparel line with top shelf, top quality avant-garde materials, while maintaining a distinct focus on detail to create items that scream support. Ensuring the wearer feels more confident from the first snap, Elila strives to empower women by producing garments with unparalleled comfort and purpose, making a difference where it matters. 

The combination of fashion and functionality is vital to Elila. Seams (check them out) are strategically placed for structural benefit and support while materials (oooh soft) are synergistically chosen to aide in the engineering of the bra, providing the wearer with optimum levels of comfort and control. At Elila, we have even innovated the way women can understand support and select the right garment for the right needs…right on the label.

And because Elila knows women want to look good from the inside out, delicate inspired French lace, embroidery and microfibers have been used throughout the collections to provide a touch of elegance and femininity to the engineered support and design of the garments…they even provide well-being tips on our social networks…just because they care.

Now how’s that for the naked truth?


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